Tim Pomeroy

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Tim Pomeroy is a consummate artist. As well as being a gifted stone carver he is a master draughtsman. He lives and works on the  Isle of Arran off the west coast of Scotland. He exhibits principally in London. His works feature in several notable public and private collections 
His concerns are various: Utility, natural form, mystery and preciousness. He tries to distill the essence of these ideas and makes mainly stone carvings, that evince something meaningful, something more than the sum total of the artist and the subject. Consequently his sculptures have an almost meditative quality. As at home looking at ordinary every day objects as he is the most rare archaeological find, he combines a sensitivity to materials and an intellectual rigor which makes his skilfully wrought sculptures, tactile and full of latent meaning.

Yew Pod
Yew wood polished 900 x 180 mm

contact Tel 01770 600287 email timpomeroy@btinternet.com